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We continue on our insights to Sound Systems to Events, check out our previous post, like it and share it with others.

Below is a table showing a number of event scenarios. Some will definitely need sound equipment, some are “maybe”. There’s no column for “no” since this could potentially be endless!

For specifics you will need to contact a sound hire or AV company. They will ask more questions and will be able to produce a package that will be the right specification for the event. The more information you can offer the more the quotation can be tailored to exactly what you require and no more.

A good supplier will explain why you need the system in terms that you can understand. There’s always an element of trust when it comes to technical advice but you should be able to spot the bad advice when someone is recommending a Flown Line Array System for a parish council meeting!

Be sure to check back again next as we look at a glossary of terms that you should know: Don't forget to like our page and invite your friends to it. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them below,

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